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 Commonly known as "RF" or "Frank."
Letters between John Crane and Mary Ann (Grabeel) Bishop's children and occasionally other relatives and friends.  The children correspondents include Isaac Newton Bishop (1879-1959), John Daniel Bishop (1880-1971), Ransom Franklin "Frank" Bishop (1888-1962), Nancy Ann Thompson (1883-1972), Theadocia "Docia" Hardy (1892-1985),  Virgil Verse Bishop (1894-1972), Nathan McDowell "Mack" Bishop (1901-1977),  George Washington Bishop, (1900-1940), Mary Ethel Carey (1900-1979).
Letters and postcards sent to Ransom Franklin "Frank" Bishop (1888-1962) from friends and family.  Transcription and notes courtesy of Frank's great-nephew, Charles F. Hudson, (c) 2012, all rights reserved. 
RF Bishop Homestead 2012  RF Bishop's Homestead in 6/2012 between Crews and Novice, TX.
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