This is the Life!
Stories of Grandpa Charlie Bangle
Grandpa Charlie
       Although Grandpa Charlie Bangle has been gone for nearly 25 years, I could not have written this book without his assistance. In addition to keeping every receipt, bill of lading, and other document that came into his possession over the years, he was an avid writer of letters and journals from early on in his adulthood.   A first-rate story could have been written using those documents but what made the process much simpler were the twenty-four audio tapes upon which he recorded his oral history during the last few years of life.
His son Charles Edward Bangle said, “Wherever Pop went, he made friends from all walks from life.  From Pop’s humble childhood in the wheat fields of Missouri to service as a Commissioner appointed by the Governor of Oregon; from truck driver to “First Citizen” of Cottage Grove, Oregon; from local police department volunteer to namesake of the Oregon State Police Association’s Charles F. Bangle Volunteer of the Year award; he remained ‘Charlie.’
To friends and casual acquaintances alike he was a kind man always ready to lend a helping hand.  Some of those stories are in this book as well as thank you letters written to his employer for the roadside assistance provided to complete strangers.  If you were broken down on the side of the road and truck driver Charlie Bangle happened along, he was going to stop.  It is no wonder that he gave so freely of himself in retirement as a community leader and volunteer.”